Logistics and Distripark

Our logistics services are entirely integrated with road and intermodal transportation of cargo. Our specialization consists in the District Park port and freight terminal activities which mainly cover two sites: Trieste and Venice.

In Trieste

We operate both in our own warehouses in a back port area, and with EC and non-EU merchandise (customs warehouse) and in areas and warehouses inside the Port of Trieste and therefore in a customs entrepot.

Lashing of extremely big loads on open top and flat containers or Mafi lift trucks for the RoRo traffic

Deliveries to other terminals, national and foreign industries

Checks and customs and merchandise inspections

Direct transfer of merchandise from truck to container and vice versa

Storage during import/export operations

Management and cargo handling

In Portogruaro

In the subsidiary Portogruaro Interporto S.p.A., freight terminal activities are centered towards railway activities with over 3,500 wagons handled in a year (2017). Portogruaro Interporto S.p.A. has an overall surface area of 250,000 sqm, which includes 25,000 sqm of warehouses and over 3,5 km of internal railway junctions.


Picking with barcode readers

Handling and
railway delivery management

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