I am reliability

Serietà, sicurezza, qualità.
Crediamo nei vostri stessi valori.

Reliability and expertise for us means:

  • Security of the merchandise transported: We know how to best face the risks connected to potential accidents or other typical risks in the sector (theft, unattended parking lots, active and passive security systems).
  • We handle relations with our clients professionally: it doesn’t matter how hard or complex a request is, we know how to meet it, granting clients the certainty that their cargo will reach the destination within the established times and following the agreed procedures.
  • Accident indexes which are much lower than the average, deriving from our adherence to the OHSAS 18001 rules for the safety of workers.
  • Our approach is based on constantly measuring the results achieved and customer satisfaction. Everything occurs with maximum transparency, also thanks to the Track & Trace system.

For improved work quality

The ethical and social regulations are a main factor for the development of work quality. In order to guarantee peace of mind and safety inside our company, it is important that all employees, collaborators, suppliers and clients respect the company Code of Ethics, crucial to help our staff solve problems of an ethical nature and to create a serene atmosphere inside the work environment. Our Code of Ethics represents an integral part of the “Organization, Management and Control Model,” pursuant to Leg. Decree. 23 1/2001. The Code can be viewed online and ensures that our activities are carried out in full compliance with the values and objectives Autamarocchi is founded on.

«Download our “Code of Ethics”»


Surveillance body

In order to prevent company offenses, the Surveillance Body – composed by independent members – checks the function, efficiency and observance of the Code of Ethics and Organization Model in compliance with provisions of Leg. Decree 231/2001. In case of any behavior which goes against our Code of Ethics, it is possible to contact the Surveillance Body at the email address

We can also do a lot for your company.
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We can also do a lot for your company.
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